F-A-R-T-E-D…Farted.  Yes thank you, we will keep laughing.

We love the story of your collection! Thank you.

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You noticed something we hadn’t - the majority of the art in the Gallery IS made by women.  There are a few guys in there too!

Unknown - Noticing. 

Love the Dr. Who reference! 

Chris - Friend, Lover Artistic Associate

What a wonderful thing to want to share your childhood with your children. 

We love you right back, man.

Unknown - Thank you for bringing Everett, Thelma, Francis, and William with you to the space.

Unknown - Speaking Swedish?

Unknown - noticing something new

Unknown - Thanks for coming! We are so glad you made it.

Unknown - The bicyclist may have chosen not to notice something.  Indeed.

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Unknown - We love the blue collection too!